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OMEGA ELEVATOR, S.A. is a Spanish company manufacturer of electric and hydraulic lifts, which designs and manufactures vertical transportation elements, both for people and for small and large loads, and is located in the town of VITORIA (Alava), located in the Basque country in the North of Spain.

Since the beginning of its creation in September of 1989, OMEGA ELEVATOR has been able to adapt throughout all this time, to the constants and varied demanding needs of the national and international market, having always as its main objective, the quest towards an improvement continuous productive manufacturing processes, both in the final products obtained.

Currently, OMEGA has an industrial Building or modern production plant, with a work surface of more than 9,000 m2 dedicated to the areas of design, engineering, manufacturing, quality, export, commercial, finance, administration and management. Also has other nearby Warehouse dedicated to commercial services and services of technical assistance (SAT), with a surface area of more than 4,000 m2 destined to do this, which in total has more than 13,000 m2. for your own daily management, both for the design and manufacture of elevators, as for the development of their technical, commercial projects and after-sales service.

OMEGA has a staff that has broad technical experience and professional knowledge in the field of elevation, and for this reason, we have presence in multiple markets internationally with a presence in several countries and continents.

OMEGA remains a reference in terms of elevation, as one of Europe's current leaders in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing, installation and maintenance of vertical transport for all segments of lifts, elevators, platforms, escalators and ramps, as well as elements of accessibility for the removal of architectural barriers, facilitating in this way the transport for disabled people.

Each one of the elevators prototypes designed, are checked and tested previously in our own tests or trials, Torres properly adapted each for each case in particular.

OMEGA performed the complete manufacture of the lift, using components of 1st quality, as well as the complementation of some products from leading brands in the market of elevation, low energy consumption, applied in the electrical, electronic and hydraulic part both the mechanical part.

Our yearly maximum production capacity, would be 4000 elevators full, having this modern production processes, machinery of last generation and internal quality controls.

OMEGA has its complete catalogue, a solution for every project, which covers a wide range of products for every need, whether elevators private or for communities, either for public elevators.

Vertical solutions that range from 3 up to 53 people, electric or hydraulic, models with or without machine room, intended for residential, commercial or high standing (hotels, hospitals, public), with speeds of up to 4 m/s, in maximum configuration of up to 16 lifts group battery, even up to 64 stops. We cover a wide range of lifting product.

We have also own and special designs of panoramic lifts, with all the features listed above.

At the same time, we sell products of high quality and guarantee of performance in the area of escalators and ramps, as well as elements of accessibility for people with disabilities.

Our products meet the high requirements of the European standards (CE marking), and we are capable and flexible to adapt to the particular rules of each country.

All of the above, is accompanied by also a great professional expertise in the field of installation, Assembly and maintenance of our lifts or elevators, as well as experience in the calculations of development of study of vertical, necessary traffic to special or emblematic facilities of high altitudes.

Our mission, therefore, is the offer to our customers a product of lifting highly competitive, technological, and pointer in the market, accompanied by a proper after-sales technical support, before, during and after make the final sale of the elevator.

A great human, technical, and professional team collaborates in this project in common and the development of the best possible solutions, according to the custom needs of each client.

OMEGA is clearly committed to top quality products and with a correct professional technical service, both in the present and in the future.

OMEGA, a great brand for a demanding and highly competitive market.